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3400 - Mezőkövesd
Széchényi út 10.
Tel.: 49/413-411
Fax: 49/413-626

Funded by the National Development Plan:

The Szintezis unified storage system, which is produced with 5 cm high laminated chipboard leg, is an ideal choice for the classic office.

We offer our Integral unified storage system to the offices that have a modern style.

The Aero furniture guarantee the maximum ergonomy and comfort.

The main characteristic of Jupiter furniture family, due to its pipe-leg formation is the stylish elegance. It ensures that the space is not crushed even in the case of a small office.

We offer the Manager Plus furniture by reason of its elegance to the managers.

The main characteristic of the Pluto office furniture is its L-shaped leg - made of laminated chipboard (19mm) and the laminated work surface (28mm).

The VG office furniture system (like a puzzle sytem) represents the variability and customisability.

The Saturnus office furniture has a metal leg system that is offered to people who like modern style.

The classic style of the Talisman Plus office furniture system associates the lasting and durable quality.

The Venus furniture is the perfect choice to places, where the furniture is exposed to heavy-duty use, for example to manufacturing halls.